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23 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor

The LMW230 is a high-performance broadcast LCD monitor that can be used for post production rooms, broadcasters and mobile units, monitoring multi-format high definition video and audio.

The LMW230 is capable of displaying multiple formats high definition signal at native resolution. Advanced digital video processing technology such as precise 3D de-interlace, scaling, Gamma and color correction is used to ensure high display quality.

High Quality Color Reproduction
Various Area, Safety and Center Marker
Waveform and Vectorscope display for SDI signal
H/V Delay, NATIVE, Blue/Mono Display
16 Channel Audio Meters, Time code UMD, Tri-color Tally
Audio De-embedding for SDI Input

Display Area: 23" diagonal, 509.184 (H) ×286.416 (V)
Viewing Angles: 178(H) × 178(V)
Color Depth: 16.7M
Resolution: 1920H X 1080V
Dot Pitch: 0.22652(H) × 0.2652(V)
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: <14ms
Power: 100~240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 40W

Ordering Information
LMW-230H HD/SD-SDI/Analog
LMW-230S SD-SDI/Analog
LMW-230V Analog

The MVM230 is a high performance 23” professional LCD monitor featuring quad split displays. It supports quality quad split displays and is designed to tailor the extensive needs including program production, intensive uploading/downloading, channel branding, studio and intensive monitoring in TV station.

The LCD monitor adopts IPS hard panel, with the resolution of 1920X1080, LED backlight, 178° viewing angle and excellent brightness and contrast.

The MVM230 adopts 10-bit digital processing technology using 3D comb filter and de-interlacing, precise scaling engine, GAMMA correction and color temperature adjustment to re-produce the best image. Each display screen of the unit is an independent professional monitor, where all parameters, like GAMMA, color temperature, brightness, and contrast, can be adjusted independently.

The MVM230 supports 1ch HDMI/DVI-D input and 4ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI/Composite inputs. A maximum of 4 inputs can be displayed simultaneously. The display modes can be one full screen, one big screen with 3 small screens, 4 uniform size screens. Each screen supports display function of professional monitor, such as waveform, vectorscope monitor (occupy one screen display), audio de-embedding, audio monitoring, audio meter display, time code, UMD, various marker, etc.

OSEE’s brand new quad split monitor, the MVM230, is a total desktop solution highly capable to handle the requests arising in the TV station, where one single work unit is required to fulfill the software operation, content examination as well as signal monitoring.

Video Input: BNC×4, SD/Analog Composite HDMI×1, HDMI/DVI
Video Output: BNC×4, HDMI×1, HDMI/DVI(Synthesized Signal, 1080p50 or 1080p60)
Input Signal Format
Analog Composite: PAL, NTSC, 1Vpp
SD-SDI: 480i, 576i
HD-SDI: 1080I50, 59.94, 60, 720P50, 59.94, 60, 1035i59.94, 60
3G-SDI: 1080p50, 59.94, 60
Audio Input
RCA×8,4ch analog stereo audio
SDI embedded audio
Audio Output
RCA×2, analog stereo audio(audio monitoring)
Screen Specification
Dimension:23 inch
Backlight: LED
Color Depth:16.7M
Viewing Angle:178°(Horizontal/Vertical)
Contrast Ratio: 1:1000

This BCM-230 23 inch broadcast LCD monitor presents full HD display of images, extremely applicable for program production, professional studio and other uses.

1.Advanced Video Processing Engine
This device makes full use of 12bits video processing engine with advanced IP conversion algorithm, significantly shortening the time for converting the signal input into monitor output and realizing accurate color reproduction of dynamic images.

2. Genuine Pixel by Pixel Display
Our product increases its HD panel size from 15.6" to 24", achieving pixel by pixel display of 1080 signals in their original format without scaling.

3. Wide Viewing Angle
The LCD panel possesses wide viewing angle as large as 178°, transferring quality images with high color accuracy and minimal changes in brightness and color.

4. Color Calibration
Based on advanced color matching algorithm, this broadcast LCD monitor offers outstanding gamma correction on brightness, gray level, color temperature and color gamut so as to keep the true color.

5. Dual-Screen Display (PBP/PIP)
This device realizes dual screen display of 2 channels 3G-SDI signal display with active loop output simultaneously in modes of PBP and PIP. One single monitor works as two and it is extremely suitable for centralized upload and download and other applications.

6. Various Markers Setting
It is flexible to set various markers in this product, such as safe marker, area marker and center marker.

7. Audio Meter Display
Our broadcast LCD monitor gets 16Ch embedded semi-transparent audio level meters displayed vertically or horizontally.

8. Time Code Display
Time code is displayed in different formats, such as VITC, LTC and D-VITC.

9. Closed Captioning
This product is capable of displaying the closed captioning data for analog signal, as well as the prompt message for the SDI signal in compliance with EIA-608 and EIA-708 standards.

10. AFD Function
AFD information of the embedded SDI signal will be monitored and displayed effectively.

1.This 23 inch broadcast LCD monitor is able to sense 3 kinds of 3 color gamut automatically, such as ITU-709, EBU and SMPTE-C.
2. It gets the waveform and vector displayed simultaneously.
3. The color temperature is adjustable in the range of D93, D65, D56, D50 and D32.
4. Our product supports dynamic UMD display.
5. Through Ethernet, its firmware can be updated easily.

Ordering Information
BCM-230-3HSV LCD monitor supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite signal
BCM-230-HSV LCD monitor supports HD/SD-SDI, analog composite signal
BCM-230-SV LCD monitor supports SD-SDI, analog composite signal

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