1. 15 Inch Broadcast LCD MonitorIt has various On-Screen Display feature and can display audio meter and UMD on the LCD panel. The LM150 provides cost-effective "all -in-one" solutions, and saves precious space when used for large Video Wall. The broadcast LCD monitor is equipped with 1024X768 high resolution panel and advanced digital video
    1. 15.6 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor Due to advanced 12bit video processing engine, the device offers outstanding gamma correction and color reproduction.
      Under simultaneous dual-screen PBP and PIP display modes, it can realize two channels of 3GI-SDI input plus active loop out.
    1. 17 Inch Broadcast LCD MonitorThe LMW170 is a highly affordable full HD LCD monitor using the panel of resolution up to1920x1200. It can fulfill a pixel to pixel display in the format of 1080. The unit allows monitoring the audio, the display of audio meter, UMD, TC and all sorts of MARKER to tailor the needs in both video and audio monitoring.
    1. 17.3 Inch Broadcast LCD MonitorIt makes full use of advanced 10 bit digital processing technology, offering optional interlacing and progressive modes.
      Under the PBP and PIP modes, this broadcast LCD monitor possesses 2 channels 3G-SDI input.
    1. 20 Inch Broadcast LCD MonitorThe LMW200 is capable of displaying multiple formats high definition signal at native resolution. Advanced digital video processing technology such as precise 3D de-interlace, scaling, Gamma and color correction is used to ensure high display quality. The LMW200 is a high-performance broadcast LCD monitor that can be used
    1. 21.5 Inch Broadcast LCD MonitorThe front frame of the unit comes in a slim bezel design made from rubber mold. The professional IPS glass at full resolution of 1920 x 1080 with LED backlight makes the BCM series capable of reproducing a natural color at quickest response time. In addition, the unit boasts a full wide viewing angle as well as excellent
    1. 23 Inch Broadcast LCD MonitorThe MVM230 supports 1ch HDMI/DVI-D input and 4ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI/Composite inputs. A maximum of 4 inputs can be displayed simultaneously. The display modes can be one full screen, one big screen with 3 small screens, 4 uniform size screens. Each screen supports display function of professional monitor, such as waveform

Standalone Broadcast LCD Monitor

Standalone LCD monitor is for table top use, and also can be rack mountable, from 15 inch to 23 inch.

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