1. Rack Mount Broadcast LCD MonitorThe size of rack mount broadcast LCD monitor is from 4.3 inch to 9.0 inch.
      4.3 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor
      5.0 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor ...
    1. Standalone Broadcast LCD MonitorStandalone LCD monitor is for table top use, and also can be rack mountable, from 15 inch to 23 inch.
      15 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor
      17 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor ...
    1. Pull-out Rack Mount LCD Monitor This device is able to display the waveform and vector, 16 channels audio meters, tri-color tally light, time code, H/V delay, native mode, blue only or monocolor viewing modes, etc.
      It is also mounted with an internal speaker.

Broadcast LCD Monitor

Profession broadcast LCD monitor offers high resolution, wide viewing angle, and supports various signal format.
Full digital signal process technology
High resolution LCD panel
Precise scaling mechanism
Display high quality image
Tiny delay in processing input signal
Compatible with 3G/HD/SD input automatically
Screen size from 4.3 inch to 23 inch

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