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1RU Multiviewer (Up to 16 screens)

HMV160 HD Multiviewer

HMV160 is a piece of processing equipment, which can simultaneously display multiple images on one single high resolution output display. It is designed for the occasions which require the high quality multiple video screen displays. The multiviewer is an ideal and practical solution for the applications in command centre, video conference, multimedia and multi-function hall. The unit is built on module structure giving the most flexibility to the configuration. One single frame can be equipped with varying size of multi-image system.

The HMV160 HD multiviewer supports all formats of input content from analog composite video, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and even to 3Gb/s upon request. The output format VGA, DVI and HDMI are supported.

Compared to the traditional upper computer controlled system, the HD multiviewer presents more flexibility in settings. The application of the embedded system enables a more user-friendly interface. As such the HMV160 is capable of grouping different scales of display systems to tailor the different needs of monitoring system. In addition, there is no restriction on the signal source grouping-any signal to any display at any position with any scale.

Supporting up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs
Any combination of auto sense HD-SDI/ SD-SDI /Composite
Signal path based on operation system for 24/7 mission critical application
Any signal to any display at any position with any scale
The maximum resolution of output display at WUXGA: 1920*1200
1080P50 output format for 50Hz input signal application
Simple windows setup and control via mouse
Analog audio input and the stereo audio monitoring of embedded audio and external audio
Up to 8 audio meter display per window
Multiple audio display windows for audio monitoring only
16:9/4:3 aspect, various marker
Ethernet control
Image files display
Embedded TC code display
Multiple analog clock and/or digital clock
Clockwise timer and anticlockwise timer
User-definable function of hardware and software
Flexible time code setup and GPIO port with flexible configuration
Video and audio alarming and flexible alarm setup
Hot-swappable board modules
Dual power supply for 1RU and 3RU frame
The excellent cooling system effectively reducing the temperature of the frame

Analog Composite Input
Standard: PAL, NTSC
Impedance: 75Ω
Return Loss: 35 dB to 5.75 MHz
Connector: BNC HD-SDI
Digital Video Input
Standard: SDI1080i50, SDI1080i60, SDI1080sf24, SDI1080p24, SDI1080p25, SDI1080p30, SDI1080p50, SDI1080p60, SDI720p24, SDI720p25, SDI720p30, SDI720p50, SDI720p60, SDI1035i60
Impedance: 75Ω
Cable Length: 100 m (Belden 8281)
Return Loss: > 15 dB (5 MHz to 750 MHz) > 10 dB (750 MHz to 1.5GHz)
Connector: BNC SD-SDI
Digital Video Input
Standard: SDI525I, SDI625I
Impedance: 75Ω
Cable Length: 100 m (Belden 8281)
Return Loss: > 15 dB to 270 MHz
Connector: BNC
Analog Audio Input
Standard: 8-channel balanced stereo analog audio or 16-channel balanced monophonic analog audio
Impedance: 20KΩ balanced, 10KΩ single ended
Peak Ballistic
Rise Time: 10 ms;
Fall Time: -20dB/s VU
Ballistic: 300ms
Scales: 0 to -72dB
Maximum Level: +24dBu
Connector: DB26(male)
Frame Type: Redundant power supply
Voltage: 100-240VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 480W
Max Working Temperature: 0-40 degrees

Ordering Information
HMV160-I4A8G8: 4-Ch autosensing inputs on HD/SD/Composite (BNC); 8 Stereo audio inputs (DB26); 8 GPI/O (DB26).
HMV160-I4AOG16T: 4-Ch autosensing inputs on HD/SD/Composite (BNC); 1 Stereo audio output (DB26); 16 GPI/O (DB26); 1 LTC input (DB26).
HMV160-I4O1E: 4-Ch autosensing inputs on HD/SD/Composite (BNC); 1-Ch DVI +1 Ch VGA output (DVI-I); 1-Ch 10M/100M autosensing Ethernet port.
HMV160-I4O2E: 4-Ch autosensing inputs on HD/SD/Composite (BNC); 2-Ch HDMI outputs (HDMI); 1-Ch 10M/100M autosensing Ethernet port.

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