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Quad Screen Splitter

The QMV-HSC is a hand-carry 4-channel multiviewer with high performance having broadcast video interface. The quad screen splitter tailors most applications including program production, intensive uploading/downloading, playout, studio and all intensive monitoring systems. The QMV-HSC can auto sense 4Ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI and analog inputs. It also supports 1Ch HDMI input. For the outputs, it has 1Ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 1Ch HDMI. Thus the QMV-HSC can be connecting to any display device, which supports SDI or HDMI input, to realize the adjustments on parameters including brightness, lumpiness, contrast ratio and etc.

Adopting 10-bit digital processing technology, having 3D comb filter, de-interlacing ability and accurate scaling, the QMV-HSC is very capable of displaying the best image. It is therefore an ideal solution for HD video monitoring. The QMV-HSC boasts to have a number of layouts for display, and it supports waveform/vector scope, embedded audio, audio metering bar, TC, IMD and all kinds of markers. The unit also has alarm function. The quad screen splitter delivers real time monitoring for video loss, freeze frame, black field, audio loss, and audio overloaded or over low. Alarming can be sent out via SNMP.

As a very handy device the QMV-HSC possesses the high price performance ratio. Two sets QMV-HSC will make 1RU standard rack mounted equipment, and certainly it can also use alone. Much flexibility in usage makes it fully suit the applications of video wall, OB van at small and middle-sized TV stations.

Auto senses 4Ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI and analog input, 1Ch HDMI input
Supports 1Ch 3G/HD-SDI output and 1Ch HDMI output
Supports 16Ch audio metering bar for embedded audio, dynamic and static
IMD and TC display
Supports waveform, vector scope and alarm function
Control button on the front panel available Supports TCP/IP

Video Input: BNC x 4, SDI/CVBS; HDMI x 1, (HDMI/DVI-D)
Video Output: HDMI SDI
Audio Input: RCA x 8, 4Ch analog stereo, SDI embedded audio
Audio Output: RCA x 2, Analog stereo audio
Input Format
SD-SDI: 480i60; 576i50
HD-SDI: 1080i50; 1080i59.94; 1080i60; 720p50; 720p59.94; 720p60; 1035i59.94; 1035i60 3G-SDI: 1080p23.94; 1080p24; 1080p60; 1080p50; 1080p59.94
Output Format
HD-SDI: 1080i50; 1080i60; 720p50; 720p60
3G-SDI: 1080p50; 1080p60

Ordering Information
QMV-3HSC     4Ch Multi-viewer supports 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI/CVBS input
QMV-HSC      4Ch Multi-viewer supports HD-SDI/SD-SDI/CVBS input
QMV-SC      4Ch Multi-viewer supports SD-SDI/CVBS input
QMV-C     4Ch Multi-viewer supports CVBS input

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