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    1. Rack Mount Broadcast LCD MonitorThe size of rack mount broadcast LCD monitor is from 4.3 inch to 9.0 inch.
      4.3 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor
      5.0 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor ...
    1. Standalone Broadcast LCD MonitorStandalone LCD monitor is for table top use, and also can be rack mountable, from 15 inch to 23 inch.
      15 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor
      17 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor ...
    1. Portable Broadcast LCD MonitorPortable LCD monitor can be used as field monitor.
      8 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor
      9 Inch Broadcast LCD Monitor
    1. Pull-out Rack Mount LCD Monitor This device is able to display the waveform and vector, 16 channels audio meters, tri-color tally light, time code, H/V delay, native mode, blue only or monocolor viewing modes, etc.
      It is also mounted with an internal speaker.
    1. 6800 Series ChassisAll modules including power supply are hot swappable
      Providing Genlock input and loop out, making the operation much easier
      Displaying the status of both power supply and cooling fan
      Front panel cooling system to control temperature
    1. Distribution AmplifierThe VCA6801N and VCA6802N are analog distribution amplifiers with equalization and clamping. Both modules have unbalanced input and can compensate cable loss of up to 100m of Belden 8281 cable loss. The clamping can help the user reject DC offset and AC disturbance. The VCA6801N / VCA6802N
    1. Audio Embedder/De-embedderSCM6880N is a multi-function SD-SDI video and de-embedded audio monitoring card. It supports up to 4 reclocked SD-SDI output, with function of SDI video D/A conversion, and also supports up to 4 CVBS output. It has audio de-embedded function, and supports 4 analog audio outputs and 4 audio meter monitoring simultaneously
    1. Video ConverterThe DEC6800N is a compact, high precision 12-bit decoder that converts NTSC, PAL and SECAM analog composite signals into a broadcast quality component 4:2:2 signal from the noisiest inputs, such as satellite and microwave links. The DES6800N has all functions mentioned above. In addition, this video converter
    1. Audio ConverterThe ADC6820NS, ADC6820NS4 are an audio A to D converter with audio delay and synchronizer. The two modules can provide two/four balanced audio inputs, two unbalanced and two unbalanced AES outputs. Either DARS or Genlock can be selected as synchronized signal. In addition to manual delay, both audio
    1. Up/Down/Cross ConverterThis up, down and cross converter is a powerful module integrating multiple necessary video and audio signal processing functions. Varying in three types including HUC6830N type, HDC6830N type and HCC6830N type, this module gets the 3G, HD and SD signals output simultaneously through up, down and cross signals conversion.
    1. Audio/Video Test Signal GeneratorSRG6850N is an SD analog and black burst/DARS generator. It has up to 8 analog black burst outputs and supports up to 2 SDI black burst outputs with 24bits embedded audio and DARS output with selectable tone. SRG6850N can generate high stable black burst with its internal TXCO
    1. Frame SynchronizerSFS6860N is an SDI frame synchronization module, which can synchronize with one Genlock reference signal and provide one audio synchronization signal (DATA I/O) for an audio processing module. It can work in both synchronization and delay mode, support adjustable delay which is less than one frame
    1. 2x1 Changeover SwitchVAC6840N is an analog changeover switch. The changeover is performed by the relays on VAC6840N rear panel. Selected signal at the output is maintained when power failure. The input can be selected automatically or manually. Automatic signal selection is based on video signal presence and video level detection
    1. Optical Transmitter/ReceiverThis SFO6800-EO/OE-LC unidirectional SDI optical transmitter and receiver is a kind of high speed transmission module. It converts 1 channel SDI, ASI (TS stream) signals to 1 channel FMTS optical signals with high precision RCR rectification. Generally, signals will be transmitted to the receiving end of the product in distance through optical fiber.
  • Intelligent Router (IRS) Misoperation protection mechanism. The product can open the Misoperation protection mechanism by software. When the function is enabled, the operator can not switch to the channel signal which is abnormal. The feature prevents the operator misuse in the router panel switching operation
    1. HDMI to SDI ConverterThis converting unit is compatible with DVI and HDMI format.
      With standard audio SRC, the 48K sampling rate can achieve phase locked.
      Both the HDMI audio and external audio can be embedded to SDI signal, and the embedded channel is selectable.