OSEE Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of high-performance broadcast peripheral devices. We offer a wide selection of digital devices including the multiviewer, intelligent router, HDMI/SDI converter, broadcast audio equipment, broadcast LCD monitor, and 6800N series broadcast equipment. Available in a number of distinct models, many of our products may be customized according to client-side specifications. We have export destinations in countries including Australia, Italy, Israel, India, Iran, Thailand, Japan, Denmark, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, etc.

Incorporated in 2001, we are now headquartered within the Zhongguancun High-tech District of Beijing city. Through active scouting and effective internal management, we have cultivated a taskforce of exceptional individuals to ensure the steadfastness of our future development. The company staff includes nearly 100 professionals, 35% of whom are highly qualified technical personnel. All permanent employees possess the equivalent of an undergraduate degree or higher. Our senior techs have been presented with the “Technological Progression Award” for successfully leading many domestic projects involving advanced broadcasting television systems.

Here at OSEE, we emphasize innovation and technology while maintaining high standards for product quality and customer service. We develop and manufacture a complete series of hi-tech equipment, specifically designed to accommodate world-class TV broadcasting systems. Our company has cooperated extensively with the biggest system integrators in the domestic industry to fully analyze market trends and demands. By continually improving and optimizing core system designs and their respective applications, we gain insight into the underlying infrastructure. This allows us to form high cost-performance product design solutions that greatly enhance our competitiveness on the market.

We have captured a significant market share with products such as the virtual studio, CATV front-end, multi-screen processor, analog and digital broadcast, and other types of related equipment. For instance, our digital broadcasting system is the only domestic brand to be implemented on a provincial scale in mainland China. Our multi-screen processor was implemented by the central TV station for the rebroadcasting of the Athens Olympic Games. Our logo generator is utilized by over 70% of provincial level TV stations. Our virtual studio color keys are widely employed by domestic manufacturers across the nation.

We have newly introduced multiple product series in an effort to fill a previously unoccupied gap in the domestic market. Our robust lineup now includes dedicated HDTV systems, the audio listening/monitoring system, audio processing/automatic gain controller, and a full range of solid-state delay devices. Supported by advanced technology and a thorough understanding of the TV broadcasting system, we have always placed infrastructure design at the top of the development agenda. This has largely contributed to the exceptional performance of our products, garnering the approval of clients everywhere.

OSEE always seeks to raise product quality and stability. By maintaining excellent business relations with well-known global suppliers, we can fully guarantee the integrity of our components. We cooperate with PCB production and processing factories to further ensure the overall quality. Years of development and manufacturing experience has allowed us to fine-tune both the design and structure of our TV broadcasting equipment. All video and audio broadcast products are in full compliance with standards such as CE, FCC, and RoHS.

A full line of services offers our clients a peace of mind. Consultation is available during the system design phase. We offer technical support to simplify system installation while providing professional equipment to ensure the integrity of said system. As a China-based enterprise, we strive to satisfy the demands of our domestic clientele. A thorough understanding of involved mechanisms allows us to provide quick and effective troubleshooting without being hindered by language barriers.

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